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2020 Portfolio Picks

The stock market has a rough start this year. While the US-China Trade War is still on-going, the world biggest economy, US has reinstated political tension with Iran. Missile strike by the US military, rocket firing to two US-Iraq airbase by Iran, airline crash in Ukraine have filled the headlines in the first week of 2020. Investors, in general, have switched their investments from equities to the safe-haven asset like Gold. The latter surged to US$1,600 level for the first time since 2013. The good news is that the US Presidential Election is upcoming in November this year. President Trump is likely to go all out to maintain the stock market rally in 2019.

We have just published the first newsletter in 2020 with the featured REIT picks this year. Premium subscribers can access the newsletter here(Contents -> Monthly Newsletter -> 2020 Jan Issue) or check out the holdings using the REITs dashboard here. We have taken profits on some of the holdings in 2019, in particular, we have exited EC World REIT, one of the top performers in 2019.

Did you know our REITs portfolio has generated a profit of 25% in 2019?

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The new portfolio consists of six REITs, with a good mixture of local and foreign assets. More details on the REITs can be found in the newsletter. The portfolio will be refreshed to the last done price as on 10th January. The shareholdings of each REITs shown in the dashboard is based on investment capital of $100,000.

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