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Product updates

REITs Numerical Scoring (RNS)

Under the "Insiders" page, you can now have an overview of the RNS of all the REITs listed in Singapore. The RNS is the scoring based on dividends sustainability and portfolio ratings. The higher the scoring, the better the REIT is. RNS is the critical component in picking REITs into our portfolio. The feature works best on the desktop. You can move your cursor the bar to see the scoring.

REITs Ratings

Under the "REITs Ratings" page, you can now see the dividends and portfolio ratings for individual REITs. Price and DPU trend allows you to observe how the REIT performed in the past. For example, on Mapletree Industrial REIT above, the price has been in a strong uptrend since 2012, so does the dividend payout. Investors have been enjoying both capital gain and dividend growth over the years.

The yield curve will show where the REIT trading at the moment, whether the yield above or below the historical average etc.

REITs Portfolio

The "REITs Portfolio" covers all you need to know on our portfolio. If you want to follow our portfolio closely, this will be the only page that you need to visit! Our portfolio has generated 23.8% in total profits year till date September!

Access to all new features and get the "Premium" for one year at 35% discount (Limited time only)!

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