Dec Portfolio Review

The market continued its bullish momentum in Dec, pushing the STI 1.3%. This was also inline with the good news on Phase 3 reopening and positive vaccine news which gave investors optimism that the economy will potentially recover in 2021.

Despite the sharp rebound in the last two months of 2020, the benchmark index still recorded a total loss of 8.1% including dividends.

​The REIT portfolio was impacted by the global pandemic Covid-19 as well. For the full year of 2020, the Advanced portfolio (leverage) was down by 16%, which is underperformed the STI by 7%. The Normal portfolio (without leverage) was down by 8%, which is on par with the benchmark performance. The major impact on the portfolio was due to the correction of one of our component stocks, First REIT, which was exited in Oct and replaced by Fraser Centerpoint Trust, which was up by more than 17% since we added.

Despite the DPU drop by most of the REIT due to Covid-19, the annualised portfolio yield (leverage) still remain at high yield of 8.8%.

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Singapore REITs have pulled back from its highs in 2020 due to the adverse impact from the Covid-19. That said, we are still bullish on the sector especially industrial REITs for their stronger fundamentals, supported by the expansion of logistics companies and e-commerce and the tight supply moving forward.

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