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October Portfolio Review

The Singapore market (STI) was up 3.5% on Oct 19, giving a year-till-date return of 9.1% (including dividends). On Oct 19, the global stock markets were trading to record high on the backdrop that both US and China are close to signing a Phase One trade deal. The deal is expected to be signed by Presidents Xi and Trump during the APEC summit in Chile. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to anti-government protests. On the backdrop of the interest rate cut, the global stock market has been making a new high in October.

Our REITs portfolio is still able to outperform the market so far. The REITs picks made a profit of 13.3% year-till-date. The advanced strategy grew by 24.2% and has outperformed the STI by almost 3 times! The yield on cost has been awesome as well, with a 12.4% yield!

Dividend wise, September was a slow month. We only have two REITs that paid dividends. On the month-on-month basis, the portfolio was up 0.4%. The top 3 REITs in our portfolio are Capitaland Retail China Trust, Ascendas REIT and Capitalandmall Trust. The effective dividend yield of the portfolio was about 12.4%.

Some portfolio rebalancing will be done, for premium subscribers, please refer to the monthly newsletter. The gearing of the portfolio went up slightly to 1.95 times.

Premium Features

In October, we also launched the REITs Numerical Scoring for our premium subscribers. The scoring is based on dividends sustainability and portfolio ratings. The higher the scoring, the better the REIT is. RNS is the critical component in picking REITs into our portfolio. The feature works best on the desktop. You can move your cursor the bar to see the scoring.


We are also launching an education series for our premium subscribers. More details will be out soon.

​Premium subscribers can login to access the October newsletter and the REITs portfolio.

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