September Portfolio Review

The market has gone up slightly in September. The Straits Times Index (STI) grow by 5.5% year-till-date including dividends. There have been some uncertainties in the global market, such as US-China Trade War, Hong Kong Riots etc that slow down the global economy. The good news is the interest rate is in the downward trend, which is a good catalyst for the REITs to grow.

Our REITs portfolio is still able to outperform the market so far. The REITs picks made a profit of 12% year-till-date. The advanced strategy grew by 24% and has outperformed the STI by almost 5 times!

Dividend wise, September was a slow month. We only have one REIT that paid dividends. The performance was in general stagnant on the month-on-month basis. The top 3 REITs in our portfolio are Starhill Global REIT, Ascendas REIT and Capitalandmall Trust. The effective dividend yield of the portfolio was about 10.2%.

We have done one rebalancing and also added one new REIT to our portfolio. The gearing of the portfolio went up slightly to 1.8 times.

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