Premium Insider Program

All you need to make 5 figures every year in dividends by copying a simple REITs Portfolio ... regardless of the market conditions.

So, what is the secret?

We invest ​for income.

​Unlike many investors who chase capital gains in their investment, we aim to generate a double-digit yield of 10-15% every year.

​With all these dividends, you can then chose to do what you want with it, whether


... Go on a nice holiday

... Buy your favourite brands or

... Reinvest to buy more of those dividend-paying stocks to grow your dividend payouts further

​In short, dividend investors have the power of choice.​

Proven Results

What would you get?

Know exactly what REITs to buy

Our proprietary REITs Numerical Scoring (R.N.S) is all you need to pick REITs with a more stable portfolio and more consistent dividend payout.

Automate your portfolio rebalancing

Our advanced portfolio rebalancing strategy allows us to buy more when the price is low, and take profit when the price is high.

Monthly REITs insights 

This is a must have newsletter for anyone who is serious about REITs investing. The newsletter summarises all you need to know about REITs, in minutes.

Advanced strategy to get double-digits yield

The double-digits yield strategy involves portfolio leveraging which has been tested thoroughly with 20 years’ worth of data. We are recommending 5X or 10X high risk leverage, but a low leverage of maximum 2X instead. It is “safe” and you will see your portfolio grow at a much faster pace. The strategy also manages to yield an average of 10% passive income on investment.

​Imagine this... 

A​ ​thousand-dollar dividends bank into your account.

​... another $1,000...

... and another $2,000...

​​That's $2,600 in the month of November alone...


​​​​Life is awesome.​

​And as you sit back and relax, you will see dividends bank into your account every month.

Life is really good!

​​​If this sounds like what you are searching for… here’s how to make this a  reality because...

While many investors work hard to build a million-dollar portfolio, we help our members to generate 5 figures income

Why I choose dividend investing over other types investment approaches? 

That’s whether you’re just starting out... you’re thinking about retiring... or you’re already retired today.

I call this plan “the Premium Insider Program” because you don't need any experience with investing or trading...

You can start collecting a consistent stream dividend payouts in less than 60 days from today.

Best of all, this “work” is so simple... literally anyone could do it...

If you follow our suggested blueprint, you could get an average of 10% yield on investment per annum.


That is …


4 times more than the CPF interest

8 times more than the bank interest

5 times more than the Singapore inflation rate

You can start collecting this stream of dividend income today... literally within the next few hours.


Bottom line...

This could well be the single most powerful income opportunity for “safe money” investors I’ve ever come across.

You’ll get all the facts just moments from now, simply by subscribing my popular REITs Picks.


And when you sign up today...

You will get access to my quarterly education seminar ... (worth $999)

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I’ll send you 12 monthly issues of The REITs Newsletter... (worth $199)


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And along the way, you’ll receive additional special reports as I complete them.

The subscription is not sold for $1000... $800... or even $500...

But just $299 per year. Or you can try with a monthly plan of $49.

So if you’re interested in collecting much more income – safely – then I invite you to take a look at our REITs Insights

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And if you do, you WILL see just how powerful this strategy truly is for your bank balance.

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