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Actionable and Insightful Tools to Analyze Tech Stocks

Valuation Models

Our proprietary valuation model combines multiple robust fundamental approaches to pick the next winning tech stocks 

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Advanced & Proven Strategy

The Tech Compass Opportunity Screener easily allows you to identify and mark the Top 20 companies that have quality financial metrics and are Poised to Boom. 

These are companies that have high interest, and are scored by our proprietary methods. Other than helping you spot winners, they can help your avoid worrisome ones as well.

Our Live USD 10,000 Portfolio

The Tech Compass Opportunity Newsletter further shortlists the best performers and put them into a live USD 10,000 portfolio that is reset every year.

It has done better than the NASDAQ in 2018 and 2019 since we started tracking it. (We are not even including the earlier years of profitable experiments.)


* P.s.: Past performance is not indicative of future performance. 

What Our Subscribers Say


This is a very comprehensive platform that allows me to learn about picking tech stocks.


Good research, straight forward analysis, I am making decent profits following the research.


Excellent education materials, good and helpful team. I am satisfied with the product.

Use Our Proven, Time-Tested Scoring System

We fondly call our scanning system the Poised to Boom system, as it shortlists and tracks stocks with businesses that are fundamentally set up for future growth.

Together with the Poised to Boom stocks, we combine it with our timing methodology in the Tech Compass Opportunity Score, to determine when to add profitable stocks to our portfolio.

Our Robust Profit Framework

The Poised to Boom Framework is built on 4 key pillars that define growth businesses.

Growing Business

Earnings increasing is a sign of growing business. Our valuation model has factored in all the essential income metrics including Gross Income, EBITDA, Net Income and Free Cash Flow.


While the focus of the strategy is on growth, we never forget our downside risk. Debt Ratio, Liquidation Value, Return on Equity are amongst the key metrics that are considered.

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Consumer Growth

No company can survive without consumer growth in the long run.  Whether it be the MAUs, ARPUs, or the AUMs. Growth can be seen everywhere, if you know what to look for.

Execution Markers

There are fundamental markers that can hint to us when it is a better time to be buying the stocks. Corporate activities follow a cyclical pattern, and even the best stocks are subject to these cyclical patterns.

What's In The Package?


24/7 access to our Tech Poised to Boom Portfolio that has been generating consistent growth over the years. You can expect a list of 20 shortlisted stocks, subject to market conditions.


Follow our live $10,000 Friends of Tech Compass Portfolio Challenge. Get an alert every time we add a new tech stock, increase our positions or profit taking. We expect activity on a monthly basis, subject to market conditions (remember it's our own money so we don't buy for the sake of buying).


24/7 access to our Tech Insider newsletters - these are stocks in the Tech Poised to Boom Portfolio with a high Opportunity Score, however, risk reward may be more specialised. You can read more about our thoughts, and then decide if you will pass it or jump in.


Portfolio Construction Monitoring - Our Portfolio monitoring captures opportunity and reduces pitfalls in concentration. This feature alone can make a significant positive difference to loss protection in your total returns.


AMA! - Tech Compass members can send in their questions and Ask Me Anything (or the team) on Tech stocks in the US or HK markets.


Tech Compass Members Monthly Trade Review Newsletter - Receive a monthly wrap up in concise and clear bullet points no how the Tech Stocks are performing and what we are looking out for the month ahead.

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